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Sanjay, unlike his peer group started rather early in an entrepreneurial journey. He was able to benefit from the changes brought about during the 3rd Industrial Revolution to progress rapidly in an IT enabled world.

Sanjay has now carved out a niche space in transforming delivery of education globally, across School, Higher education and Life-long learning. He is spearheading innovation in all elements of the educational landscape arising from the paradigm shifts caused by the disruptive impact of emerging technologies such as the mobile internet, touch screen, wearable and streaming devices and in the Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) environments.

He comes with over 3 decades of hands-on experience in a number of sectors of the services industry, which allows him to bring to bear, the critical importance of the human-computer interface and the customer/user experience.

With specialised skills in Computer based systems analysis, Project design and Implementation, he has been a serial entrepreneur with several start-ups nurtured to successful businesses. His current entrepreneurial interests are in Planet EDU, Qualifications & Assessments International and Echelon Networks.

Sanjay has also setup a not-for-profit trust called 'The Future Foundation' to support the ecosystem of the 4th Industrial Revolution of humans and intelligent machines coexisting in a symbiotic relationship, in particular by setting up an innovation and incubation centre for emerging technologies and entrepreneurship.

He spends his time in strategic thinking and planning, Identification of new business opportunities, International networking and collaboration.

Sanjay Malaviya


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